Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Me and Hubbie

Michael is working very hard so I can stay home. He is working as a crisis interventionist. He does the psych evals on crazies I mean mentally disturbed and suicidal. He is great. I am still alive. Love him Lots. He teaches 15-16yr old poor soul He is the bomb.

I am Activities coordinator yay and raising 6 wonderful full of life children and all the joys that go along.

Kids life currently

Amber is Adorable and 13 yes 13 my little teenager. She is great.. She is doing cheerleading and active in young womens. She was just released as Beehive President!! plus the cello!!!

/Abbie is Awesome and 11 just a double digit midget. She is also a cheerleader and just made
the highest squad. She gets great grades and just switched from violin to cello. you go girl

Tyler is 8 The spice of life fun and full of energy. He is a master soccer player and quite the ladies man. What a cutie

Trevor is my little man. Loves Loves Loves POKEMON Just bought 102 figures from Tokyo otherwise known as EBAY. Also a great soccer player and great friend for tanner...

Tanner is just 3. So Easy to pull my heart strings and get anything he wants. He is fairly easy to please. Just Give him a large truck and the Tractor (Lawn Mower).

Tristen My tiny (18 lb ) baby five months old and absolutely adorable. Doctor calls him "piggish" We still like him